More about us

SYSTEMOTRONIC, s.r.o. was founded in 1991 by the owner of the Austrian company Fleck Holding. Between 1991 and 1997 she successfully represented Klockner Moeller, which is now part of Eaton. Since 1997, the company has been increasingly profiling itself in the field of safe automation. It is safety in automation that has become a priority for us, and we believe that our efforts can help prevent potential injuries and damage to machinery.

What do we offer in Brno?

In particular, products for the automation and safety of machinery. Turnover items can be found in our e-shop.
We check the ordered goods and if necessary we consult with you the correctness and complexity of the offer. If necessary, we will lend selected items from our stock for testing.
If you require very short delivery times, we will arrange for you to reserve the required components in our warehouse.
We offer our customers technical support in the selection of components, short delivery times and, last but not least, a favorable price. Our sales representatives will be pleased to meet your requirements throughout the Czech and Slovak Republics.
We organize a number of professional trainings and seminars for our customers. The services offered by our Žďár nad Sázavou office offer added value.

What do we offer in Žďár nad Sázavou?

  • Risk assessment of machinery
  • Creation of documentation in E-plan
  • We provide complete production of missing covers, fences, but also labels
  • Programming - from simple small control systems to complex PLC, eventually incl. process visualization for better and faster troubleshooting in the production process
  • Professional installation of instruments and cabling, incl. production of switchboard
  • Upon request we will provide the necessary documents related to the production and operation of the machinery - inspections, measurements, revisions
  • Put the installed equipment into operation, test it according to valid standards and regulations and hand over it in a protocol
  • We provide customer service

Safety at work is our priority. Our daily activities contribute to it. We are a company that has been engaged in the sale of products and services for the safety of machines and machinery since 1991.

Our values ​​include focus on safety, expectations of the impossible and our acquired knowledge and cutting-edge technology. Thanks to them we focus on what is important to us - creating safety and security in the workplace of our partner companies.

Focus on safety

Today's inevitably leads to an increasingly strong connection between man and technology. With the help of modern technology, we help to create a working environment so that people can feel safe and secure.

We expect the impossible

Unexpected situations can be an unnecessary source of danger and stress. Often they are interplay of errors of technology and man. In our work, we assume highly unlikely events and always build up several levels of protection. By preventing crisis situations, we protect human health, time and resources.

Knowledge and technology

We add the experience of our experts to world-class products. The customer can benefit not only from the technologies themselves, but also from the rich know-how in risk analysis and stand-alone projects. Our solutions use brands such as Skoda Auto, Continental Barum, Ingersoll Rand, Heineken and others.

Our goal is a satisfied customer who returns to us.