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We sell products for automation and safety of machinery companies Pilz, Jean Müller, Eaton, BBH, Brainboxes, Castell Safety, WOERTZ, REER, IDEM Safety Switches, Bihl + Wiedemann and Zander Aachen.


PILZ is a leader in automation technology. As experts in safety, automation and the environment, they provide their solutions worldwide, to companies from all industries.

Jean Müller

The company was founded in 1897 in Eltville am Rhein. Jean Müller combines tradition with progress. Progress is symbolized by continuous innovation and product development, while tradition and long-term loyalty of customer relationships symbolize tradition.


Eaton Elektrotechnika s.r.o. is a manufacturer of domestic and industrial electrical installations and power distribution and back-up devices. It has been operating on the Czech market since 1991.


Brainboxes was founded in 1984 with its headquarters in Liverpool, England. It is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of serial communication devices.

Castell Safety

Castell Safety International has been at the birth of the Trapped Key Interlocking system since 1922. At that time its founder James Harry Castell designed the first lock systems to protect people and property during the electrification of London.


The Swiss family company, founded in 1928. Oskar Woertz, innovator and founder of WOERTZ, had the idea of simplifying electrical components according to the wishes of Swiss plumbers.


The company was founded in 1959 in Turin, Italy. Behind its beginnings was a mission to focus on innovation and technology. Over time, an industrial division was added to make the company known for automation, both in Italy and worldwide.

IDEM Safety Switches

IDEM Safety Switches was founded in 2003 near Manchester, UK. After 18 years of successful development of popular Guardmaster safety switches and locks, the former EJA / Guardmaster technical director, Mr. Medi Mohtasham, decided to leave Rockwell and founded IDEM Safety Switches.

Bihl + Wiedemann

Bihl + Wiedemann GmbH was founded in 1992 by Jochen Bihl and Bernhard Wiedemann in Mannheim as a highly specialized engineering company with an international presence.

Zander Aachen

Since 1950, Zander Aachen has been offering reliable safety and control technologies for the machinery and engineering industries.

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