Castell Safety

Castell Safety International has been at the birth of the Trapped Key Interlocking system since 1922. At that time its founder James Harry Castell designed the first lock systems to protect people and property during the electrification of London.

Jean Mueller LogoToday, Castell designs and manufactures the world's widest range of industrial safety interlock systems to ensure industry safety worldwide.

Castell security systems and locks are designed to be robust and durable. They are proven in all types of operating environments and thus meet the demanding requirements of customers. They are primarily intended to protect personnel and property where the risk of injury or damage is high.

In addition to the standard product range listed in the catalog, Castell also offers customized solutions using its own design team.

Castell's approach to working with customers is deeply rooted in understanding safety issues in modern industrial environments. Awareness of how security affects operation itself is an important step in creating systems that provide fast and secure access while maintaining efficiency and performance.

The Trapped Key Interlocking system ensures that the specified process is followed and cannot be circumvented or shortened in any way. Controlled key transmission ensures that wherever personnel move, whether starting or shutting down, they can be sure they are safe.

There are three simple steps to ensuring security in designing a key trap::

  1. what you need to isolate / disconnect
  2. how many access points to secure
  3. what type of access is required.

The first key is used to start the process and remains trapped while the machine is running. The only way to remove the key is to isolate the danger by turning off the device. This key is then used to access the hazardous area and will remain trapped as long as the gate or door is open. The key can only be removed when the gate or door is closed. In this way, the key is either trapped when the machine is running and access is not allowed, or the key is trapped while access is allowed and the machine cannot be started.

Castell Safety benefits:

  • expertise in providing the best possible system for managed access control
  • 90 years of experience in protecting people and property in industry
  • high quality innovative products
  • quality management system ISO 9001: 2008
  • the widest range of durable and reliable key traps around the world
  • the ability to create tailor-made solutions that meet the needs of your specific application

View the captured Castell Safety key system in the eshop. If necessary, we will lend selected items from our stock for testing. If you require very short delivery times, we will arrange for you to reserve the required components in our warehouse.