PILZ is a leader in automation technology. As experts in safety, automation and the environment, they provide their solutions worldwide to companies in all industries. The company currently has 1700 employees and 26 subsidiaries and branches on all continents. Established and run as a traditional family company, it has been operating in this spirit for over 60 years.

Pilz Logo 150x68Four-sided automation safety

The PILZ solution offers technical, economic, personnel and environmental safety for employees, machines and the environment.

As a technology leader, PILZ offers Innovative solutions for complete automation. The company's products are environmentally friendly through the use of environmentally friendly materials.

Employees are the most valuable asset in the company, so PILZ's solutions contribute to work safely without the possibility of injury.

PILZ products

  • safety relays series PNOZ X, PNOZ Sigma
  • mechanical, magnetic, electronic switches and locks, light barriers PSEN
  • safety control systems for smaller PNOZmulti applications
  • control systems for safety and control functions of the PSS3000 and PSS4000 series
  • instruments for monitoring electrical quantities

Show Products Pilz (Safety Modules, Control and Programmable Systems, Safety Sensors, Monitoring Modules and Transducers) in eshop. If necessary, we will lend selected items from our stock for testing. If you require very short delivery times, we will arrange for you to reserve the required components in our warehouse.